While Erica Fox from Fox 5 news was looking for a tiny house in San Diego she came across our 8x8 prefab hut built as a backyard retreat. The structure, which is fire and insect resistant, was built to offer entrepreneurs or home-school students a place to work. While we are urged not to talk about the highest use of the space, living/sleeping, we are asking our community to alter current building codes and zoning to approve buildings like this. These tiny houses could offer shelter for the thousands of San Diegans who can not afford housing and are forced to live on the street. With our new progressive Mayor, Bob Filner, we will work toward building a more inclusive city that embraces alternative housing, renewable energy and water conservation. 2012 is here and the possibilities are endless. Exciting times indeed!


    Candace Vanderhoff

    Eternal optimist with a love for simple, green living that honors all life.


    November 2012



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